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Next Event: Little Big Land -/ 12th May / 12-6pm

Questions regarding this event please feel free to use this contact form to get in touch with the team or click on the image to find out more.

Little Big Land has been running for 3 years and is a good gateway event for newbies and a fun place for serious veterans!


Pride Events bring you some of the best Ageplay events in the UK holding all events in Europes most prestige Dungeon and showroom in Birmingham, UK.
Please click on the picture for the event you wish to see more information on and remember to pop yourself down as going on the list. if you can make it!

Do you want to chat to other likeminded ageplayers and meet new friends?

APYW ABDL chatroom on Telegram has over 140 members with regular chatter & interaction!

LBL Little's Chat is a safe space to share your little side and is a good place for chat leading upto an LBL event especially if you're nervous or its' your first time attending.

Lots of Kind cubs will be on hand to help ease you.